The Double Zero 100 Peso Note

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I once asked Slats Johnson, “Have you got change for a hundred, Slats?”
To which he answered, “Kid, a hundred IS change to me.”

In these days in which one hundred pesos seems like a lot less money than it used to be …it also seems like really bad timing to release a “00” note as the biggest in Argentina.

But that is exactly what has happened.  I haven´t seen one personally but you can´t get much more tragi-comic than the latest issue from the central bank.

It seems that there is such a need for hundies on the street that the latest defective issue of Argentine currency printed in Brazil has been approved for circulation.

No joke.  Even though I photoshopped the above illustration …it is really accurate.

Don´t believe me?  Go to the story in Clarin.com


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