$7 Dollar California Broccoli?

As my wife likes to point out, when you export agricultural products, you are exporting water.  If you’ve been following the extraordinary drought in California, you’ll know that water matters there are bad getting worse getting disasterous.  Mother Jones has a great write-up on how your food budget could change in a big way …and how you may be getting your fruits and veggies from somewhere else.

You might want to brush-up on your gardening skills, too!

Modern Farmer: Don’t Fear Fermentation

“Fermentation fanatic Nicole Easterday thinks these stumbling blocks are exactly what keeps more people from fermenting at home. Which is why she founded FARMcurious and invented her own, easy-to-use fermenting system. It’s essentially a re-usable cap that fits on any standard wide-mouth mason jar and allows anyone, from beginners to seasoned pros, to ferment food at home without having to worry about mold or musty smells. We talked to Easterday about her invention.”

Joel Salatin: Myths about Meat

“Let’s go point by point. First, that grass-grazing cows emit more methane than grain-fed ones. This is factually false. Actually, the amount of methane emitted by fermentation is the same whether it occurs in the cow or outside. Whether the feed is eaten by an herbivore or left to rot on its own, the methane generated is identical. Wetlands emit some 95 percent of all methane in the world; herbivores are insignificant enough to not even merit consideration.”

Gallery Nights April 2014

Gallery Nights is the original circuit for art lovers around more than 60 art galleries, antique shops, museums and cultural centers, organized by the art magazine Arte al Día, AdnCultura (La Nacion newspaper), and the Ministry of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires once a month, between April and December.
The first edition of the year will be on Friday, April 11, 2014, from 7 pm to 10 pm, in the neighborhoods of Retiro, Barrio Norte and Recoleta in Buenos Aires.
As always, there will be live music and free shows, and guests will be welcomed with a complimentary glass of Chandon champagne. Maps will be provided to the public so they can visit their favorite galleries and exhibitions at their own pace.
The traditional circuit of Gallery Nights covers from San Martín to Ayacucho Callao and from Tucumán to Av. del Libertador. There is also a free transportation service with fixed stops and a constant route to get to all of the spots in the circuit.
This event is totally free of charge.
Maps, participating galleries and more information: Gallery Nights website.

3rd Buenos Aires Food Week

Buenos Aires Food Week, the new bi-annual event in which 40 of the best restaurants in the city offer lunch and dinner menus at promotional prices, will be held again from April 1st to April 14th, 2014.
With similar editions in New York, San Pablo, Milan and other major cities worldwide, the goal of this Food Week is democratizing access to haute-cuisine, offering the general public the opportunity to learn about premium restaurants and taste unique dishes at attractive prices.
Each restaurant will offer a fixed three step menu (starter, main course and dessert) with a fixed price of $ 140 pesos for lunch and $ 220 pesos for dinner, not including drinks, service charge, and tip, + optional $ 1 Peso to be donated to the charity organization Fundación Banco de Alimentos.
Some restaurants offer only the lunch or dinner menu. Check the conditions of participation of every restaurant before making a reservation.
The restaurants participating in this edition are: Agraz – Caesar Park Hotel; Akira Nikkei Acassuso; Akira Nikkei Palermo; Aldos Vinoteca Restoran; Aquilino Bistro; Aramburu Bis; Astor- manduque porteño; Azema; Bernata; Bice; Blanch; Brasserie Petanque; Captain Cook; Cardon Nuestra Cocina; Casa Cruz; Chira; Club 31 – Buenos Aires Grand Hotel; Dashi Palermo; Demuru; Francesco; Hernan Gipponi Restaurant; Italpast La Reserva Cardales; La Brasserie – Plaza Hotel; La Rosa Nautica; Le Grill; Leopoldo; M Palermo; Mercado Central; Mullu -Alimento Para dioses; Olaya; Paru Inkas Sushi & Grill – Pacheco Golf Club; Paru Inkas Sushi & Grill – Palermo; Peugeot Lounge; Pizza Cero; Plaza Grill – Plaza Hotel; Primafila; Sipan Centro; Sipan Palermitano; Sivela 465 – Mio Hotel; Unik.
Furthermore the following restaurants will offer a complimentary Gancia Spritz welcome aperitf to each person that orders the Buenos Aires Food Week menu: Akira Nikkei Acassuso, Akira Nikkei Palermo, Aldos Vinoteca Restorán, Aquilino Bistro, Aramburu Bis, Azema, Bernata, Bice, Blanch, Brasserie Petanque, Captain Cook South Asian Food, Cardón Nuestra Cocina, Casa Cruz, Chira, Club 31, Dashi Palermo, Demuru, La Brasserie, La Rosa Náutica, Le Grill, Leopoldo, Mercado Central, Mullu – Alimento Para dioses -, Olaya, Peugeot Lounge, Plaza Grill, Primafila, Sivela 465, Unik.
For a complete list of restaurants, menus and online reservations, visit:
If places are left available, people may also attend directly the restaurant of their choice.
Payments can be made in cash, debit card, or credit card at the end of the meal.